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Jambanz Wearable Wristband Bluetooth Speaker

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The Jambanz Wearable Wristband Bluetooth Speaker is a fun product that combines a slap watch with a Bluetooth Speaker. The Jambanz is targeted at younger users with its colorful strap designs. The Jambanz encourages kids to enjoy music without using headphones which can put them in danger as they often become oblivious to their surroundings. With the Jambanz, they can now listed to their favorite music wirelessly plus share their favorite tunes with their friends.

The Jambanz Wearable Wristband Bluetooth Speaker pairs with any Bluetooth music player including a smartphone, tablet or MP3 player. Pairing and using the Jambanz is easy. The device has no display but it relies on spoken audio prompts instead which is a whole lot more user friendly to a child compared to electronic beeps. The Jambanz will give audio prompts when it is on or off, when it requires charging and when it is fully charged. The lack of a display keeps the price of the speaker low and widely affordable.

While this fun Bluetooth speaker is designed for the younger mindset, adults who prefer not to use headphones while cycling, running or while exercising can make use of the Jambanz Wearable Wristband Bluetooth Speaker as well.

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Lose the headphones! Jambanz Wearable Speaker encourages kids to safely enjoy their music and express themselves by sharing their music with friends!

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