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Belkin Road Rockstar Equips your Car with 4 USB Ports

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Most new cars come with built-in USB charging ports. Some even have at least one charging port for each occupant in the car. However, if you own an old junk with just a single cigarette lighter adapter (CLA) like us, you and your passengers don’t have to limit your devices’ playtime to save on battery. With the Belkin Road Rockstar, up to 4 of you can charge your USB devices at the same time. Yes, even your backseat passengers will have access to 2 USB ports of their own right at the back of the car.

USB chargers that plug into the car’s CLA are quite common of course. However, they usually come with only 1 or 2 USB ports. If you go on a long road trip with the family, good luck fighting over who gets access to the limited ports. Furthermore, backseat passengers won’t be able to charge and use their devices at the same time. Not unless you want a tangled mess of USB cables all over the car.

The Belkin Road Rockstar is perfect solution to this predicament. Front row occupants have access to two shared 2.4 Amp ports. Backseat passengers have access to a dual-port hub with 2.4 Amp per port. With a total of 7.2 Amps, there should be enough juice to charge 2 tablets simultaneously. The hub is connected to the CLA via a 6-foot long cable. A removable clip on the hub lets you securely hook it to the backseat pocket. Alternatively, you can stick the hub to the back of the center armrest console with the included 3M double-sided tape.

With the Belkin Road Rockstar, charging no longer limited to the front seat. Everyone can keep themselves occupied by playing games or watching movies while on long drives. Happy passengers also mean less stress and a much more peaceful drive for the driver.
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With 4 USB ports and a 6-foot long charging cable, the Belkin Road Rockstar lets front-seat and backseat passengers to simultaneously charge their devices.

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