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The number of devices that I have to charge almost daily is growing by the day. It started out with just my smartphone and now it has slowly grown to include a power bank, a smartwatch and a tablet. I’m also quite sure that the list of devices will only grow longer. As a result, my side table has become a tangled mess of devices, wires and chargers. Adding to that mess are the other items that I leave on my side table at night like my wallet, keys and glasses. That is when I decided to upgrade my side table to the Smartcenter Side Table from Carson Forge.

The Smartcenter Side Table is designed with gadget laden geeks like me in mind. It looks like an ordinary but sturdy and well-designed wooden side table with a drawer plus an additional shelf space under it. Pull out the drawer and the table top slides open to reveal a built-in charging station and enough space in the drawer to store and charge your devices at the same time. It is large enough to hold my laptop along with all my other devices above.

Smartcenter Side Table

You can either leave your devices on the table top by leaving a slight gap for the charging wires to pass through or just keep everything hidden inside. The storage space is well ventilated so you don’t have to worry about your devices over heating. The drawer compartment  has a felted bottom to protect your devices from bumps and scratches.

There is about 3 feet of cord for you to connect the charging station’s power plug to a wall outlet. The cord management system keeps everything well hidden and tidy.
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