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Delivering Safe Water Anywhere in the World


Safe drinking water is essential and can be a problem for outdoor enthusiasts. There are many ways to treat water to ensure that it is safe for drinking and we have features a few gadgets that do just that. The Lifesaver 4000 Ultra Filtration Water Bottle is similar to the LifeStraw as it uses a chemical-free water purification system to remove water-borne pathogens.

This process produces clean, safe water and leaves no chemical after taste unlike chemical purification methods. There is also no waiting for water to be boiled and cooled down. Water can be drank right away from the water bottle.

The Lifesaver 4000 Ultra Filtration Water Bottle can store 750 milliliters of water. The water is filtered at the time of collection. To collect water, unscrew the base and pump the water through the filter through the other end. It takes less than a minute to fill up the 750 ml bottle. You can drink the purified water directly from the bottle or pour it out to fill other water containers and store as much drinking water as you need.

Furthermore, the water pump can be used to pressurize the bottle. The pressure can then be used to direct a jet of sanitized water directly onto a wound, cleaning away contaminants thus reducing the possibility of wound infections.
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