It is common to hear of travelers who fall prey to cutpurses. Not only do you risk losing your valuables, you also risk losing important documents that may cause you to be stranded in a foreign country. That is why you need the Travelon Anti-Theft Urban Backpack that has a hidden wire reinforced layer that thwarts any would-be thieves. This protective layer protects both the locking main compartment as well as the adjustable straps. The Travelon Anti-Theft Urban Backpack is large enough to hold a laptop, a tablet plus other travelling essentials.

The Travelon Anti-Theft Urban Backpack not only protects you from thieves and cutpurses, it also protects you from identity theft. It has special RFID blocking card slots ideal for protecting ID and credit cards.

Anti-Theft Urban - Slim-Line Backpack Travelon

The exterior of the backpack has a zippered mesh expansion pocket for a water bottle and a mesh pocket for a smart phone. Inside, there are lots of pockets and compartments to organize your belongings properly.


Where to Buy Travelon Anti-Theft Urban Backpack


Travelon Anti-Theft Urban Backpack

The Travelon Anti-Theft Urban Backpack has wire reinforced slash proof compartment and strap plus RFID blocking card slots to protect from both common thieves and identity thieves.

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