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Not everyone needs or wants a smartwatch. Although the Casio Edifice Bluetooth Watch (Model EQB600D) does have Bluetooth and connects wirelessly to a smartphone, it is not a smartwatch. The watch uses the smartphone’s connectivity to enhance the watch’s capabilities and turn it into what is arguably the best watch for the world traveler.

A smartwatch is typically an extension of your smartphone. It allows you to receive phone notifications, run apps and even make phone calls. However, the Casio Edifice Bluetooth Watch does none of this. The watch uses the phone’s internet connectivity to sync with timer servers around the world up to 4 times a day. This basically turns the watch into one of the most accurate watches ever made.

If you travel extensively, you have no doubt encountered the hassle of adjusting your watch to match the local time. With the Casio Edifice Bluetooth Watch, this is done for you with just a few taps on the accompanying Casio Watch + app. The app has over 300 cities that you can easily access.

The watch has a second world time dial that keeps track of the local time while the main watch face is used for your home time. However, if you wish, you can switch the dials with just a tap of a button on the watch.

The Casio Edifice Bluetooth Watch has another feature that most travelers will find useful. There is a 24 hour dial that keeps track of your current time plus time zone. It has a curved image of the earth that rotates in a 24 hour cycle to show day and night cycles.

The watch does have one feature that is not watch related. It has a phone finder function that lets you ring your phone should you misplace it.

Last but not least, the watch is solar powered. While smartwatches needs to be charged almost on a daily basis, you don’t ever need to plug in to charge the Casio Edifice Bluetooth Watch. It is even smart enough to shut down watch movements when it is in the dark to conserve energy. The watch is so energy efficient, a fully charged battery can last up to 7 months with normal use without ever needing a recharge.
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