You may have heard of Google’s Chromecast. It allows you to stream content from the internet to your TV and controlling it via your smart phone or tablet. The bCODA Multishare USB Jak is has similar functions as the Chromecast. One of its capabilities is to share video or images that are stored on your phone or tablet and play it on your TV. The bCODA Multishare USB Jak plugs into the USB port on the TV and the TV can then access any video or photo that you store on your mobile device and share to the TV. Did you just capture an interesting video clip using your phone? Now, you can instantly share it with your friends and family by playing it back on your TV for everyone to see.

The USB sharing function is not limited to just the TV. In fact, the bCODA Multishare USB Jak can be used with just about any device that supports USB storage. You can share music from your phone or tablet by plugging the Jak into the USB port of a music player either at home or in your car. Up to 20 different people can then connect wirelessly from their phone to the player and share music from their devices.

Plug the bCODA Multishare USB Jak into a printer and you can print files that stored on your device. The Jak makes printing from an iOS or Android device a hassle free process. You no longer have to worry about installing special apps or drivers.

Store your presentation files on your phone. To use them, just plug the Jak into your projector’s USB port and you can then access those files directly from the projector. The Jak replaces your USB flash drive. You no longer have to worry about remembering to bring along your USB flash drive with you. Just put everything into your phone cause you always have your phone with you, don’t you? You can also use the Jak as an easy way to transfer files between your phone and your computer.

Where to Buy bCODA Multishare USB Jak

bCODA Multishare USB Jak

The Jak is a multi-share, streaming device that lets you share stored content from your smartphone or tablet. Plug in the Jak into to any electronic device with a built-in USB port to wirelessly link your smartphone or tablet to share document files, videos, photos, and music. Jak is a unique USB/WiFi device that works with any USB-enabled host product, such as SmartTVs, home or car audio systems and PCs. Buy from