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Want to grow your own kitchen garden so that you have your own limitless supply of healthy microgreens? Don’t have the space for a garden? Don’t worry. The Window Garden Microgreens kit lets you grow your very own vertical garden in your kitchen.

The Window Garden Microgreens kit is an all-in-one kitchen garden kit. Ot has everything that you need to grow your own microgreen sprouts from seeds. Add your home planted sprouts to salads, sandwiches, smoothie drinks and soups. Or simply use them as garnishing for your dishes.

Window Garden Micogreens

Planting your own garden with the kit couldn’t be easier. Just soak the included fiber soil in water to hydrate it. Then spread the soil out in the acrylic planting tray. Spread the seeds, mist it with water every day and you’ll have a delicious microgreens garden within 10 days.

Get the kit with the Veg Ledge option and you can create a vertical garden right on your kitchen windows. It is also the perfect place for your plants as it ensures they get plenty of sunlight. They also make your kitchen windows look amazing!

If you’re not interested in microgreens, the kit can also be used for decorative and gorgeous succulents and flowering plants.
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