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Golf Balls that Light Up When They are Hit


The LED Golf Balls are golf balls that have LED lights embedded inside them. The LEDs are motion activated. Every time you hit the ball, it stays lighted up for 8 minutes. The main purpose for this is so that the golf ball is easier to see and follow during night golf.

The built-in battery in the LED Golf Ball is good for about 40 hours. If our 3rd grade maths doesn’t fail us, that should equate to about 300 hits on the golf ball before the battery dies out. The balls also employ glow technology that make them glow faintly long after the LED has turned off just in case you don’t reach the ball in under 8 minutes. The timer gets reset each time you hit the ball so that it will always light up for a full 8 minutes after each hit.

These lighted up golf balls are the same size and weight as official balls so they won’t affect your game at all. They won’t make you a better golfer but they may save you from wasting time looking for your ball at night. Time that can be spent on playing more holes.

The LED Golf Balls come in a variety of colors so you and your golfing buddies can each have your own color and not confuse each other. Night golfers should keep a few of these in their golf bags and they make wonderful gifts for any golfer friend.

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