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Worried that you might drop that brand new iPhone 6 of yours? All it takes is a slip of your fingers as you try to press the camera app shutter button while taking that precarious selfie and your precious phone may just end up smashed on the ground. For a little ease of mind and an insurance against sweaty palms, get the Kenu Highline, the security leash for your iPhone 6.

The Kenu Highline for iPhone 6 is a security leash and protective case in one. As a leash, it comes with a durable Kevlar cord and can be easily stretched for easy access to your phone while ensuring a secured attachment. It utilizes the iPhone’s Lightning port and has a special notch for keeping the phone securely attached.

As a protective case, it is made of tough polycarbonate and is textured with a luxurious finish for an improved grip. Not only will the Kenu Highline protect your phone from unexpected spills from your pocket, it will also act as a deterrent against theft.

So while you are dangling from the side of sheer cliff or bungee jumping off a bridge, you can safely take out your iPhone and capture the moment without worrying about harming you phone. You may not survive the encounter but rest assured that your iPhone probably will.

The Kenu Highline is also available for the iPhone 6 Plus.

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