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How would you like to stay connected no matter where you are? This is probably easier said than done as besides network coverage, your biggest hurdle is keeping your smartphone’s power sucking battery charged. Well, worry no more because with the FlameStower Charger, you can return to your caveman roots and stay connected as long as you can keep a fire going.

The FlameStower Charger works by capturing excess heat from cooking or campfires to charge up USB-powered electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and others. It is designed to work with any open flame including candles, stove tops, campfire, etc.

It is a funny looking contraption with a metal blade on one end and a water container on the other that is also connected to a USB charger and the whole thing is mounted on a metal stand. Just place the blade on an open fire and heat is transferred to the Thermoelectric Generator. The water container acts as a water reservoir.

The blade side that is in the fire gets hotter while the water reservoir remains relatively cool. The temperature difference generates electricity that can then be used to charge your USB powered devices. One minute of charge time gives you approximately 2 minutes of talk time.

The FlameStower Charger is not only a practical and innovative solution for charging electronic devices with a USB cord. It is also great during electrical storms and power outages as well as a survival kit. To generate power, just light up your gas stove. Keep one handy for emergency situations.

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