Smart TVs are blurring the line between the TV and the computer. HDTVs are in a way just large monitors. They have HDMI or even VGA ports that easily hook up to computers. There is also a growing trend of using Android set top boxes to allow non-smart TVs to gain the ability to connect to the internet for web browsing, video streaming and gaming. However, using a keyboard and mouse to control the HDTV is rather awkward. On the other hand, using a simple IR remote will probably end in frustration.

What is needed is a compromise between the two control methods. Something with the capability to enter text easily and to navigate and yet small enough to hold and operate single handed. This is where the portable wireless keyboard comes in. There are quite a number of wireless keyboards available in the market. The Web TV Wireless Keyboard is a little different from the rest as it draws its design inspiration not from the full-size keyboard but from the TV remote.

While most wireless keyboards look like miniaturized keyboards, the Web TV Wireless Keyboard looks more like a TV remote with an attached Qwerty keyboard and touchpad. It is designed to be held in a portrait orientation even when using the keyboard. The control buttons and the touchpad are located on the lower half of the controller and are easily accessible. The keyboard keys are located at the top and are a little harder to reach comfortable but it is an acceptable compromise as the keyboard is only used occasionally compared to the pad and buttons on the lower half.

The Web TV Wireless Keyboard works with Windows 8, Android, Mac and even the Playstation 3. It connects wirelessly via RF 2.4 GHz. A USB receiver is included. Just plug in the receiver and the keyboard will automatically connect.



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Web TV Wireless Keyboard

Web TV Wireless Keyboard contains all the basic features of a keyboard and mouse, scroll to move pages up and down, motion-enabled mouse positioning, and one-touch clicking. Buy from