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E-ink is a type of display that requires almost no power to function. The other big advantage of an E-ink display is that it looks similar to paper and is perfectly readable under bright sunlight. It is the same technology used by Amazon on their Kindle eBook devices. The Oaxis InkCase i6 is an iPhone 6/6S case that comes with a built-in 4.3 inch E-ink display that adds a second low powered display to your iPhone.

So what good is having a large E-ink secondary display at the back of your iPhone? For those who love reading on their devices, reading on the E-ink display instead of the iPhone’s main display provides 2 main advantages. E-ink displays only require power when the display content is changed. This means when you change a page. When you are actually reading, the display requires no battery. Secondly, reading using E-ink is much easier on the eyes as it is almost like reading an actual printed book. And if you like reading at night, the Oaxis InkCase i6 comes with a built-in reading light.

Another great use for a second display is for showing notifications from your phone. With the InkCase, this display is always on and you do not even have to switch on your phone to see your latest notifications. Since your notification screen does not update very often, this feature drains very little of your phone’s battery.

You can also use the Oaxis Inkcase i6 to display images. Imagine having a iPhone case that changes its look every day or even every hour.

The Inkcase works by communicating with your iPhone using Bluetooth. Apps are currently available that allow you to send ebooks, notifications and images to the case display. The case itself also serves as extra protection for your iPhone. It adds just over 4 mm to the overall thickness of your iPhone.
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