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Are you one who is always prepared for whatever may come? Do you prepare and carry around your EDC (Everyday Carry) gear? Depending on your occupation and your needs, your EDC gear may consist of items that are small and light enough to carry in your pockets or wallet. For others, it may mean carrying them in a separate bag. If you usually carry a bag for your EDC, the Kabden Canvas Sling Bag is an ideal sling bag for this purpose.

The Kabden Canvas Sling Bag is made from canvas and has a fairly large 10L capacity. What we liked most about the bag is that is has a lot of separate compartments both big and small. These compartments are wonderful for organizing all our gear. There are a couple of large compartments best suited for carrying larger items like your tablet or laptop computer plus accessories. It can also fit large books and magazines.

There are a few smaller pockets which can fit your phone, charger, wallet, passport and other smaller items. There is even a pen holder that organizes your writing instruments so that they are readily reachable when needed. No more searching and digging the bottom of your bag for a pen. Last but not least, there is a detachable card holder. You can put in your door access card or metro card and when you need it, just quickly detach the holder from the bag.

The Kabden Canvas Sling Bag is available in both black and army green. GearBest is currently having a promotion on the Kabden Canvas Sling Bag.

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