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The Combar Pro is an elite adventurer tool. In layman terms, it is a multitool with a hammer, an ax and a spade. In addition, it has a hollow handle that separately houses a knife and a saw. It also has the distinction of being the most expensive multitool on Amazon, costing a whopping $600.

First impressions. The engineering on the Combar Pro is incredible. It is a very well designed and manufactured piece using top quality materials. The folding and locking mechanisms are top notch and very durable. Looks wise, it does look very much like a very expensive piece of equipment.

The 5 different functions of the Combar Pro are essential functions. We don’t think any of the functions feel tacked on. All the tools function well except for maybe the saw. As the blade is rather small and thin, it flexes a lot which makes heavy duty sawing a tedious task.

It is quite a feat to pack in 5 survival tools in a compact tool that is weighs just 3.2 pounds. No doubt about it, the Combar Pro is quite a conversation piece but is it worth its price?

We have to admit that for $600, you can buy 5 separate and very high quality tools that can perform equally well if not better. The bigger question you have to ask yourself is if the advantage of combining all 5 in a lightweight and compact multitool worth the premium.

If you find the hefty price tag too hard to swallow, there is an option to just get the Combar without the knife and saw for “just” $425.
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