There are lots of solutions when it comes to phone stands. We are sure that you have seen very clever DIY solutions online. The Pocket Size iPhone 5/5s Stand is very much in the vein of those kind of solutions.

When collapsed, it is no larger than the size of 2 stacked credit cards. However, unlike the usual DIY solutions, the Pocket Size iPhone 5/5s Stand allows for both portrait and landscape orientation and best of all, you can actually adjust the viewing angle. This is a superb feat of engineering.

Pocket Size iPhone 5/5s Stand

When you are done with it, just fold it back and tuck it back in your wallet.



Where to Buy Pocket Size iPhone 5/5s Stand


Pocket Size iPhone 5/5s Stand

Ultra thin Pocket Size iPhone 5/5s Stand is as thick as two credit cards stacked on top. It fits in any wallet so it will always be there when you need it.

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