While doing the great outdoor thing usually mean roughing it out, that shouldn’t mean that you cannot bring along a little technology with you to make life a little easier. The Ivation LED Dimmable Lantern is a multi-purpose light source designed with the hiker and camper in mind but it should work well wherever you need a light source and you are off the grid.

The Ivation LED Dimmable Lantern has 16 LEDs that are super bright and can light up quite a large area. The lantern is dimmable. Just hold the power button for more than 3 seconds to adjust the light intensity.

The Ivation LED Dimmable Lantern comes with a built-in rechargeable 3000 mAh lithium ion battery. With a full charge, the lantern can last about 9 hours at maximum brightness. It can last much longer if lower brightness setting is used. The battery can be recharged via USB. The Ivation LED Dimmable Lantern gives campers the versatility to have high brightness when they need it and then lower it down to conserve battery when they don’t.

For easy handling, the lantern comes with a sturdy handle at the top as well as a hanging hook at the bottom.


Where to Buy Ivation LED Dimmable Lantern


Ivation LED Dimmable Lantern

With Ivation’s powerful new 16-LED lantern, there is no trail too dark to blaze. Designed and built with the daring hiker and camper in mind, our modern take on the age-old adventurer’s tool offers many features in one lightweight, quality device.

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