The ENO (Eagle’s Nest Outfitters) Lounger Chair is a cross between a hammock and a chair. It may not look it but we think that it may be more comfortable than many hammocks that we have tried. The ENO Lounger Chair weighs less than 4 lbs and is easy to set up and take down which makes it ideal for the porch, park and even camping.

The angle of recline can be adjusted and it even comes with a footrest for you to kick back and relax. You can sit more upright for reading or recline it for taking a nap.

A comfy headrest is included. Pockets on the sides and a drink holder lets you stash your drinks and snacks so that you have everything that you need while you relax.

The ENO Lounger Chair is made from Ripstop Nylon and has a light weight aircraft aluminum frame that can support up to 260 lbs. The entire chair can be stuffed into a small stuff sack when collapsed.



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ENO Lounger Chair

With the ENO Lounger chair you may never want to stand again. Your legs will exist only to hang in the adjustable footrest, and your head in the plush headrest.

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