Glasses-Free 3D displays are not new. The Nintendo 3DS is one of the earliest huge adopter of the technology. But even way before that, Japanese phone manufacturers had been offering phones with glasses-free 3D. The EyeFly 3D Film on the other hand promises to make any non-3D display on a smartphone into a glasses-free 3D display just by applying a plastic screen protector.

Sounds too good to be true, right? The EyeFly 3D Film uses hundreds of thousands of nano-sized lenses to magnify different sections of the image on the phone display to create a different image for each eye and thus creating a 3D image. The film does not “automagically” turn any image or video 3D. A free viewing app is required. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app is also used for calibrating the screen and aligning the film to the screen. Once calibrated, you can start viewing 3D images on your previously non-3D display.

A separate app is also provided for turning your 2D photos into 3D.

The EyeFly 3D Film does not cut down on the brightness of the display and neither does it affect viewing of normal 2D content.



Where to Buy EyeFly 3D Film Screen Protector


EyeFly 3D Film Screen Protector

Eyefly3D Film is a screen protector that also allows you to view pictures and video in 3D without 3D glasses. Buy from


EyeFly 3D Film Screen Protector

The EyeFly3D Film turns a regular smart phone screen into a glasses-free 3D display using nanotechnology.

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