The LiteCubes LED Ice Cubes are guaranteed to light up (pun intended) any party. LiteCubes look and also function like real ice cubes. You can put them in the freezer and be used to cool down drinks. However, they also light up in 8 different colors, instantly impressing everyone at your party.

Put them in cocktails, punch bowls or any drink. Unlike real ice cubes, they do not water down the drink as they cool. You can also place them in ponds, pools and fountains for decoration.

The LiteCubes LED Ice Cubes can be set to either cycle through the 8 colors or stay a solid color. They can also be switched off to save battery. The built-in non-replaceable battery can last 15 to 20 hours if used continuously. They can last even longer if not used continuously.

LiteCubes are made from high quality FDA approved clear acrylic and filled with freezable gel. Be careful of imitation brands.


Where to Buy LiteCubes LED Ice Cubes


LiteCubes LED Ice Cubes

First there were party drinks, then there were body lights (blinkies), now we bring you these amazingly cool LiteCubes brand premium flashing ice cubes.

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