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The Bakerstone Pizza Box is an pizza baking box that is placed on top of a gas or charcoal grill that we reviewed not too long ago. The great thing about it is that you can achieve temperatures equivalent to a wood burning oven to produce perfect pizza pies like those sold in authentic pizza restaurants. On the other hand, firing up your grill just to make a pizza may be too much hassle. Don’t worry. Bakerstone has got all us lazy slobs covered with the Bakerstone Portable Pizza Oven.

To resolve the above problem and also for those of us who do not own a BBQ grill, the Bakerstone Portable Pizza Oven pairs the original Pizza Box with a high performance gas burner that is designed to perfectly match the Pizza Box. The original Pizza Box recommended at least a 3 burner gas or large charcoal grill.

The gas burner on the Bakerstone Portable Pizza Oven is rated at 25,000 BTU and provides enough heat to raise the temperature inside the oven to over 800˚ F (426˚ C). For fuel, it requires a 20 Lb LP gas cylinder that is sold separately.

At such high temperatures, you can easily bake a pizza in under 2 minutes. Despite its size, the temperature inside the Bakerstone Portable Pizza Oven is equivalent to those of commercial ovens. Home ovens usually have maximum temperatures in the range of 400-500˚ F. The high temperature is needed to create that perfect crispy crust without being brittle or dry. The high temperature is also required to cook through and evenly melt the cheese.

Besides baking pizza, the Bakerstone Portable Pizza Oven can also be used to bake bread and cookies, sear and roast steakhouse quality meats, and for cooking vegetables and fish.

The pizza box can be detached and removed from the burner. The legs of the burner are foldable for portability. It also allows the oven box to be easily cleaned after use. Optional accessories are also available for expanding the functionality of the oven. This includes a full griddle, grill grates and a 1/2 griddle, 1/2 grill.
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