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Soloshot2 Robot Cameraman is exactly what it says it is. Using one is like having a robot as your own personal camera man, tracking and capturing your every move and action.

The Soloshot2 Robot Cameraman is your next generation cameraman. It automatically pans, tilts, zooms and keeps the camera aimed right at you from a distance without the need for a human operator. All you have to do set-up the tripod, connect your camera to the Soloshot2 base, and that’s it. The system uses a mobile tag that is tracked by the camera base. You caeey the tag with you and the Soloshot2 does its magic. You can also link two Soloshot2s to capture from multiple angles or track multiple tags simultaneously.

This robot cameraman is able to make 360 degree horizontal tracking at 80 degrees per second, 60 degrees vertical tracking at 40 degrees per second at a range of 15 – 2,000 feet. This makes the Soloshot2 perfect for capturing fast moving action shots such as water sports, snow sports, motor sports, etc – all with closeups.

The tag doubles us as a remote control. Toggle record on/off or control zoom on compatible cameras. It is waterproof (up to 20 ft) and is shock resistant. It has four tracking & network modes – Standard, Pan-Only, True Tilt, and Barrel.

The Soloshot2 Robot Cameraman comes with a 5-hour internal rechargeable battery for the base and a 4-hour interchangeable battery for the Tag. It also comes with a USB port for charging add on modules such as zoom controls. Its security features include K-Lock for locking camera to Base Unit, loop for locking Base Unit to Tripod and mounting to a fixed object. Shooting with your camera will never be the same again with the Soloshot2 Robot Cameraman.

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