Camcorders are a dying product. After all, who needs a bulky (yes, even the really tiny ones are relatively bulky compared to a smartphone) camcorder when your trusty iPhone can do much more (and some may even argue, have better optics)? One thing we do miss from the camcorder days is the grip used for shooting videos. Using the entire palm to steady the camera does result in steadier and better video footage compared to just using the thumb and index finger like we normally do now with our iPhones.

If you are in the same boat, the PoiseCam Standard Camera Grip is designed for the likes of us. The PoiseCam is an attachment for the iPhone that allows you to hold your iPhone in the familiar camcorder grip as you shoot video. It positions the iPhone perfectly so that you can even use your thumb to turn video recording on and off, just like you did with a camcorder. There is definitely a marked difference in video quality especially with moving shots.

Besides letting you take better videos using just one hand, the PoiseCam also comes with a tripod mount. You can use it to mount your iPhone to a tripod or mount other camera accessories such as an external light or even a camera stabilizer for even more awesome video quality.

The PoiseCam Standard Camera Grip works with iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5/5s/5c.



Where to Buy PoiseCam Standard Camera Grip


PoiseCam Standard Camera Grip

The PoiseCam Standard Camera Grip with Tripod Mount is designed specifically for the iPhone to shoot better and more stable video.

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