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FocusSpecs is the adjustable focus eye glasses that we have featured here on GetdatGadget. Now the folks behind the product have launched a crowd funding project on Indiegogo to garner support for the FocusSpecs UV, sunglasses equipped with the adjustable focus mechanism.

Prescription sunglasses are relatively expensive considering that you don’t use them all the time. The FocusSpecs UV Adjustable Focus Sunglasses are an affordable alternative and they are available in both plus and minus versions. The plus version are for near sighted individuals and are adjustable from +.5 up to +4.5 diopters. The minus version is for far sighted folks and can be adjusted from -1.0 to -5.0 diopters.

Just like the original FocusSpecs, the focus adjustment of the glasses can be adjusted by turning the knobs on the side. The knobs adjust two sliding lenses on each eye to set to the right strength needed to correct the eyesight.

However the FocusSpecs UV Indiegogo campaign is not just about being one of the first in the world to own your very own pair of FocusSpecs UV sunglasses. It is also about being part of an ongoing effort of spreading the joy of better vision to a billion people around the world who cannot afford a pair of corrective glasses. Some of the perks on the campaign involves donating between 1 to 100 pairs of the regular FocusSpecs to needy individuals around the world especially in developing countries.

Check out the campaign if you want to find out more about the FocusSpecs UV sunglasses and also about contributing to the cause.

Buy from Indiegogo