When Everything Else Fails, Start Cranking


We rely on our mobile and electronic devices more and more each day. Our smartphone is so much more than just a simple phone today. Unfortunately, our smartphones are only useful when they are powered up. Once the battery dies, it is as useful as a brick. This is quite a common occurrence as our devices grow more power hungry. We try to alleviate this with extra batteries and portable chargers but it only helps IF we remember to charge the extra batteries and power banks in the first place.  The Hand-Crank USB Charger may not be a replacement for an extra battery or charger but more of a last resort alternative.

The Hand-Crank USB Charger generates emergency power for your phone using a hand crank. It is not for fully charging your smart phone but more for that emergency call that you have to make. Depending on your phone, cranking a full 2 minutes may juice of your phone for 3 minutes of talk time or about 30 minutes of stand-by time.

Unlike the Eton BoostTurbine4000 we featured previously, the Hand-Crank USB Charger does not have a built-in battery that you can store a charge or charge via a USB outlet. It does not function as a power bank. The only way you can get a charge is from turning the crank. The advantage of the Hand-Crank USB Charger over the Eton device is that the Hand-Crank USB Charger is much smaller in size as it does not have to house a battery. You can throw it in a bag and forget about it until you need it.



Where to Buy Hand-Crank USB Charger


Hand-Crank USB Charger

Compact and reliable, the Hand-Crank USB Charger powers devices by simply winding the handle to generate the power you need to make a quick call or text.

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