The Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm is the follow up product to the highly successful Nest Learning Thermostat from Nest. Nest aims to bring the simplicity, ease of use and the zen-like product design of the Nest Learning Thermostat over to another critical household device, the smoke/carbon monoxide alarm.

For years we had to live with smoke alarms that are neither very reliable or very user friendly. How many times have you experienced false alarms that are seemingly impossible to switch off or accidentally triggering the alarm because you burnt a piece of toast or the smoke alarm beeping in the middle of the night because of low battery? There is also the danger of battery powered smoke alarms that no longer work because the batteries have died and you didn’t know it.

With the Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Nest has created a smart smoke alarm that not only resolves all of the above problems but can alert you on your phone when the alarm goes off or when the batteries are dying. There is also a wired version of the Nest Protect that does not require batteries.

Before the alarm goes off full blast, the Nest Protect will pre-alert you with an early warning giving you time to deal with a minor mishap without a siren blasting your eardrums.

Besides an alarm sound, the Nest Protect has a spoken alert that tells what the problem is and which room it is located in. If you have multiple Nest Protect devices, all units will trigger the voice alert at the same time. This feature will work even if the WiFi network is no longer working.

The Nest Protect detects smoke as well as carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas that cannot be seen and has no smell. The Nest Protect can also work in tandem with the Nest Thermostat to tun off gas furnaces, a common source of the gas, when carbon monoxide is detected.

Last but not least, if the Nest Protect does accidentally get triggered, you no longer need to frantically swing a towel or a broomstick to turn the alarm off. All you have to do is to wave your arm while standing under the Nest Protect.


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Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm quiets down when you wave and sends a message to your phone if the alarm goes off or the batteries run low.

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