Sorry for the slightly misleading post title but unfortunately, the Garmin Head-Up Display doesn’t turn your car into a flying car or move as fast as a jet plane. What it does is still rather cool though in our opinion. It projects a Head-Up Display or HUD onto the windshield of your car. Jet pilots rely on HUD for critical information so that they do not have to take their eyes off their front view.  The same technology is now used by the Garmin Head-Up Display to display navigation information on the windshield. It’s all very sci-fi like.

The whole idea of a HUD is minimize distraction. Therefore, the Garmin Head-Up Display only displays critical navigation instruction and not a full map like you are normally used to with GPS software. The system still provides you lots of information such as turn indicators, distance to the next turn, current speed and speed limit, and estimated time of arrival. It will also warn you of traffic delays and safety cameras locations.

The Garmin Head-Up Display is not a standalone device but works in tandem with the Garmin StreetPilot app for iOS or NAVIGON mobile apps on both iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices. It connects wireless with the smartphone via Bluetooth.



Where to Buy Garmin Head-Up Display


Garmin Head-Up Display

The Garmin Head-Up Display receives navigation information from your smartphone and projects it onto a transparent film on your windshield or an attached reflector lens.

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Garmin Head-Up Display

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