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Okay, we don’t actually want to literally glue our phone to the car dash but with car mounts that frequently fail on us, sometimes we wonder if gluing is what we have to resort to in order to make sure that our phone stay mounted securely on the dashboard. However, the Nite Ize Steelie Car Mount Kit may just be the dashboard mount that ends our elusive search for the perfect car mount.

We have to admit that we are kinda picky when it comes to car mounts. Firstly, the car mount has to mount our phone securely, of course. Secondly, it has to allow for a reasonably large freedom of movement and supporting both landscape and portrait orientations with just a simple twist. Last but not least, it has to support phones with and without a case.

The Nite Ize Steelie Car Mount Kit is designed to securely attach mobile devices with or without rigid cases to a car dashboard while offering a variety of viewing angles. It comes in two separate components. The Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket comes with a powerful neodymium magnet and silicon center delivering that smooth grip and smooth glide. Just mount it on any flat surface at the back of your phone or phone case. You can rest assured that the magnet is safe for use with all phones and tablets but to be on the safe side, keep it away from credit cards and pacemakers.


Nite Ize Steelie Car Mount Kit

The Steelie Ball Mount is a ball socket and mount that is backed with a 3M VB foam adhesive tape for attaching to your car dash. The ball joint of course allows for almost totally free viewing angle adjustment. Furthermore, the mounted phone socket can be shared with others. Any phone with the Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket can be mounted on the Steelie Ball Mount. The 3M adhesive tape can be easily removed without damaging surfaces.

The Nite Ize Steelie Car Mount Kit fully meets our phone car mount requirements and we really like the fact that the mount itself is really small and almost inconspicuous sitting on the dash unlike most other car mounts. The only thing of concern is that the phone socket adds a little 1/8″ bump at the back of the phone. The Steelie car mount is also available as a car air vent mount version as well.
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