Yoyogi Park in Tokyo Japan is one of the largest park in the city. On Sundays, thousands of Japanese rock music fans gather at Yoyogi Park to share their love for rock music. The Shibaful iPhone Case for the iPhone 5 and 5s attempts to capture a piece of Yoyogi Park by coating the case with the look and texture of the grass from the famous park.

Shibaful iPhone Case

Who else but the Japanese would think of putting grass on an iPhone case? It may look like a grassy case to you and me but there is a lot of technology involved in getting the textured grass just right. The makers of the Shibaful iPhone Case claims that it uses a method known as electrostatic flocking to combine grass fibers of five different shades of green to get that perfect look of a well manicured Japanese lawn.

Get the Shibaful iPhone Case and put a piece of Tokyo’s finest greenery literally in your pocket. It goes perfectly with the Kusa Grass Flip Flops too.



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Shibaful iPhone Case

The Shibaful iPhone Case for the iPhone 5/5s puts a piece of Tokyo’s finest greenery literally in your pocket.

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Shibaful iPhone Case

Just what your iPhone was waiting for – the verdant embrace of nature. Buy from Fancy.com