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As many as 50% of US kids in carpools don’t have the correct booster seat. It is an alarming statistics but it is not difficult to understand why this is so. Your regular car booster seat is bulky, takes up too much space in the backseat and is difficult to transfer from car to car. So parents end up putting their child at risk by not having a proper booster seat. The Mifold Booster seat is a revolutionary car booster seat that is just a fraction of the size of a normal booster seat but it is just as safe.

How much smaller is the Mifold Booster Seat? Would you believe us if we told you it is just one tenth the size of a regular booster seat when folded? How is this even possible? A regular booster seat increases the seating height of the child so that the car seat belt is positioned and functions properly. The Mifold Booster Seat turns this design around and repositions the seat belt by holding it down to fit a young child. For a more detailed explanation on how the seat works, you can check out this page.

Since the design of the booster seat no longer need to physically boost the height of the child to match an adult, most of the bulk of the booster seat can be removed. Now the booster seat is small enough to fit into a child’s backpack, the glove compartment or even in the back seat storage pocket. What this also means is that the booster seat is now truly portable and can be easily stored when not in use.

Your child can now bring his own booster seat with him when he rides in a carpool, a friend’s car or in any car that he takes a ride in including a cab. Why rent an expensive booster seat with your rental car when the Mifold Booster Seat costs as little as the booster seat rental itself? Older kids are more inclined to use one since it is not as embarrassing as a regular booster seat. Best of all, you can fit three booster seats in a row in the smallest of cars with the Mifold Booster Seat.

Despite its compact size, the Mifold Booster Seat is safety tested and meets or exceeds the US-based Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.
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