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When you first lay eyes on the G-RO carry-on luggage, the first thing that will most likely catch your eye (besides its sleek good looks) are the two huge wheels on either side of the bag. This makes the carry-on very different from the usual roller bags with either 2 sets of small wheels or the spinner type luggage bags with 4 sets of wheels. By literally reinventing the wheel, the G-RO carry-on luggage totally revolutionizes the familiar luggage bag and becomes what many frequent travellers regard as the best carry-on travel bag ever.

You won’t believe the difference swapping out small roller wheels with two huge wheels makes. Although it seems impossible, the larger wheel makes this luggage bag seems lighter and much easier to control when you are dragging it around. The science behind it is that the larger wheels allows the bag’s center of gravity to be closer to the wheels’ rotation axis. Thus when you need to quickly change direction, there is less resistance and as a result, the bags feels much lighter than it actually is.

The big wheels make movement over rough or uneven surfaces not as unwieldy compared to a standard roller bag. A larger diameter wheel can better absorb the bumps plus as an added bonus, it is actually possible to just drag the G-RO carry-on luggage up most steps, thanks to its big wheels. It easily glides over cobblestones, curbs, steps, gravel and even snow and sand.

Yet another advantage of using large wheels is that they are more durable compared to caster wheels. One of the most common reasons for replacing a luggage bags is because of damage to the wheels. They either no longer roll smoothly or in extreme cases, they can break off completely due to rough handling. The G-RO wheels’ axle-less design make them super tough and even provides additional protection for the bag.

The G-RO carry-on luggage’s innovation does not end with just the wheels. It has several other features that most if not all travelers will find extremely useful. The aluminum extending handle extends out a full 6 inches longer than the industry standard. This makes pulling the luggage along more comfortable and provides you with better leverage.

The insides of the bag itself is designed to be spacious with lots of compartments to organize your stuff. A separate external compartment is designed for storing all your work electronics for easy access. It is large enough to fit a 15″ laptop with enough space leftover for a tablet, some documents and your stationery.

Last but not least, the G-RO comes with an optional power bank and tracking ability. Why optional? Not everyone may see a need to have a built-in power bank and tracking ability so instead of making everyone pay for it, they are available as optional add-ons. The 23,000 mAh power bank has enough juice to recharge your smartphone up to 10 times. There are 2 USB charging ports so you can charge 2 devices at the same time. Interestingly, the bag’s extendable handle doubles up as a tablet stand.

We have come across quite a few high-tech carry-on luggages but we like the G-RO the most because not only does it come with all the bell and whistles that caters to all your electronic gadgets’ needs but the innovative wheels are truly a game changer.
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