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You reach out for your TV remote to turn power it on. But the TV is unresponsive. Yes, the batteries in the remote have died. You look for your rechargeable AA batteries but unfortunately, you forgot to charge them. Looks like there is no TV for you. If you had the Eneroid Robotic Charger, this never would have happened to you.

Is the Eneroid Robotic Charger a robotic butler that takes out your drained Ni-MH and Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries and automatically charge them for you? Not exactly, but it is close. This charging device is a box-like device that is about 8 inches tall. At the top of the charger there is a battery storage compartment. Just drop all your drained batteries into the top compartment and the device will automatically charge them for you. A digital display on the front lets you know how much time remaining before your batteries are fully charged.

Once your batteries have finished charging, they get dropped into a storage drawer at the bottom of the contraption. The top compartment stores about 20 batteries. We liked the fact that you don’t have to worry about battery polarity when you drop your used batteries into the top compartment. They slowly get charged, 4 at a time, and it takes about an hour to fully charge all four.

You do need to press the power button on the front once to get the charger started but once it starts, the Eneroid Robotic Charger will slowly cycle through all the drained batteries automatically until all are charged. Once completed, it switches itself off like a good robotic charger should. As long as you remember to drop your used batteries into the top compartment, you are almost ensured that you will have ready to use batteries at your disposal at any time.

While the Eneroid Robotic Charger is designed for AA batteries, you can also charge AAA batteries by using the 4 included AAA to AA battery converters or adapters. If you are charging Ni-Cd batteries, you can also turn on the Refresh Mode. This mode exhausts the remaining charge in the battery before charging it. This prolongs the life of Ni-Cd batteries that suffer from memory effect.

In addition, the Eneroid Robotic Charger has 3 USB charging ports at the back. These can be used to charge your smartphone and other USB powered devices.

A simpler version of the Eneroid Robotic Charger that does away with the digital display is also available. Other than that, both models are virtually the same.

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