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The flipbook is the granddaddy of animation and movies. It dates back to the 1800s. By displaying a series of still images in quick succession, it creates the illusion of movement. In a world where anyone can capture a video using their phone, the magic of movie-making is often forgotten. The FlipBooKit Maker Kit is a fun learning toy that teaches about the art of turning still images into a moving picture.

The FlipBooKit Maker Kit is actually a new toy that is based on a really old device known as the kineograph. It consists of mechanical parts such as a spinning spindle but ironically it also makes use of a modern printer and a smartphone.

The use of a printer and smartphone simplifies the process of creating the animation stills. As the kit is primarily aimed at young children, this is understandable. However the toy retains the fun of actually building the flipbook itself.

The building process starts with filming a short movie clip using the smartphone. Then upload the video file to the website tool that converts and formats the clip into stills. Print the formatted stills using a printer. Lastly paste the stills on the blank cards supplied with the kit. Clear instructions are provided on how to assemble the flipbook itself.

Besides being a fun project for kids of all ages, the FlipBooKit Maker Kit also produces a memorable keepsake. It is ideal as a gift for all kinds of occasion from birthdays to Valentines’ Day to Mother’s Day.
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