SupaBoy is SupaFun


If you an old school console gamer, you would probably find the SupaBoy Portable Pocket SNES Console rather exciting. We will even bet that it might excite you more than the new PlayStation Vita thin. After all, it is a freakin’ portable Super Nintendo console that plays both North American Super Nintendo game cartridges as well as the Japanese Super Famicom carts.

If you are familiar with game emulators, you may wonder what the fuss is all about. We admit it is more nostalgia than anything but somehow playing our original carts (after we gave the dusty cart contacts a good blow) gives a certain sense of satisfaction that emulators cannot emulate.

The SupaBoy Portable Pocket SNES Console has a built-in crude looking 3.5 inch screen and a game button layout that emulates the original Super Nintendo controller. You can also connect the SupaBoy to your TV set via an RCA cable and you can even connect two SNES controllers (if you still have them) and use the SupaBoy as a SNES clone for supa-two-player fun.

The emulation is not perfect and certain games including the classic Donkey Kong Country did not run on the SupaBoy but most games did.

If you still have your old SNES carts and controllers lying around, you might want to give the SupaBoy a try. It’ll be fun to pass it to the iPhone generation youngsters and see what they think of it.



Where to Buy SupaBoy Portable Pocket SNES Console


SupaBoy Portable Pocket SNES Console

At home or on the go, the SupaBoy plays your favorite Super Nintendo and Super Famicom cartridges anywhere you are.

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