Who doesn’t love a rainbow especially small children? With the Uncle Milton Rainbow In My Room, not only can you have a rainbow whenever you need one to cheer a young one up, he or she can have the rainbow in his or her very own room every single day and night.

The Uncle Milton Rainbow In My Room is a simple but amazing projector that projects a colorful rainbow across the walls and ceiling of the room. To turn it on, all you have to do is to make a magical wave of your hand and it automatically switches itself off after awhile. It also makes a great night light for the young ones.

For a rainbow during daytime, just use the included window prism to create real rainbows.

The Uncle Milton Rainbow In My Room runs on 4 AAA batteries or with an optional AC adapter.


Where to Buy Uncle Milton Rainbow In My Room


Uncle Milton Rainbow In My Room

Rainbow In My Room, amazing rainbow projector. Project a beautiful rainbow across your walls and ceiling! Includes bonus window prism disk for real daytime rainbows!

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