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Why does beer taste so good fresh from the brewer’s tap, but doesn’t taste nearly as good from a can, bottle or growler? That is the simple question that started a long journey that culminated with the creation of Fizzics, the world’s first ever portable draft beer system. It improves the taste of any beer from a can, bottle or growler. In other words, it makes bad beer taste good.

Home countertop beer systems are not new but Fizzics is the only system that is portable and doesn’t require a keg or gas cartridges. All you need is just beer in cans, bottles and growlers up to 64 oz, place them in the gadget, place the dispensing hose into the beer and close the cover. To get a nice glass of beer with taste that rivals fresh beer from the brewers tap and complete with great head, just pull the lever on top of the cover.

The entire system is portable and runs on 4 standard AA batteries. This means that you can always have draft beer wherever you may be – at home, out camping or tailgating. It’s like having your own personal brewpub coming along with you.

While the whole process of creating draft beer from canned beer sounds more like magic and alchemy, it is achieved with a lot of science involved. Fizzics has both a pressurized chamber and an ultrasonic sound generator. The pressurized chambers pressurizes the beer before it dispenses it at a controlled flow rate in order to preserve as much carbonization as possible.

Next, the ultrasonic sound generator uses sound to create uniformly sized bubbles in the beer and thus the great head that tops the beer. The uniformed sized bubbles is what makes the beer taste thicker and creamier.

All the mumbo jumbo science means nothing if the Fizzics is unable to replicate draft beer poured from the tap. It certainly has the looks and it definitely makes your store bought beer taste different. Taste is a personal matter and whether Fizzics makes beer taste better is something you have to judge for yourself. However, judging from the many reviews online and on Amazon, the general verdict is that it works.
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