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With the Cultured Algae Living Art Collection you get much more than just a stylish and unique decorative piece for your home. Each bottle from the collection actually contains a living, one-of-a-kind algae culture. The algae culture comes from one of the many seaweed species from around the world and is cultivated and grown by the scientists from Cultured Algae’s labs at Seattle, WA.

Each bottle is truly unique and the seaweed contained inside may be green, brown/amber, red or even a combination of these species. Even if two bottles contain the same identical seaweed species, each bottle will look uniquely different due to the many forms and hue that each seaweed displays.

The bottle is totally sealed and inside is a mini ecosystem of sorts. There is no evaporation so the water does not have to be topped up. The seaweed has all the nutrients that it needs and the water salination remains constant. With adequate low, indirect light, the seaweed can live up to 2 years or longer with no care at all.

Young children will be delighted by the special and unique marine wonder in the bottle. The living seaweed will spur their interest in finding out more about seaweed and their role in preserving the ocean’s ecosystem.

The Cultured Algae Living Art Collection makes a spectacular table centerpiece at home or for a special event. This beautiful bio-art is a perfect replacement for fresh flowers that require care and replacement.
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