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This has got to be one of the cutest ideas ever. Absolutely perfect for any bibliophile. Turn your stair risers into a giant book library with these Custom Book Title Decals for stairs.

These Custom Book Title Decals are custom printed so you can pick and choose the titles of the books. Book lovers can pick their favorite tomes or authors. All you have to do is provide the list of titles, and the height plus width measurements of your stair risers.

The decal designer will design your titles to look good when placed together by choosing complimentary fonts and colors. Don’t worry, you still have the final say over the design. You get to proof the decals before they are printed and shipped to you.

You need to prepare your stairs beforehand by painting them with the background colors of the book spines. The decals contain all the text and designs of the book. When you receive the decals, please refer to the included design printout on where each decal should be placed. The decals come rolled up so they won’t crease.

just lay the decals over your risers and rub them in using a credit card. Finally. pull off the transfer tape carefully and you are done.
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