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The classic tape measure has withstood the test of time. It has remained virtually unchanged for over a century. Introducing the eTape16, the tape measure that will give a whole new dimension to measuring. Unlike the traditional tape measure that makes manual measurements, the eTape makes measurements digitally. It features a large digital display that provides easy reading while advanced features are readily accessible.

The eTape16 features 3 memory functions – short term and 2 long term memories,US and metric units, centerline calculation, and inside/outside measurements. It looks like a traditional measuring tape and still has that familiar yellow pull out metal tape but it has been updated with digital readouts and functions.


To save measurements, all you have to do is tap a button. It also easily converts measurements from fractions to decimals or inches to centimeters. It also calculates midpoints which makes it handy for hanging a picture. You do not have to bend the tape when taking measurements into a corner—just select the back of the device as the starting point using the “inside” mode.

The eTape16 comes in a sleek modern design. Made of polycarbonate plastic, it is designed for durability even in the most rugged environments. It automatically shuts off after 5 minutes of nonuse to save on battery. It is powered by an included CR2 battery. So for simple, reliable, and accurate measurements, the eTape16 is the answer to all your measurement needs.
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