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As the cameras on our smartphones get better and better with each new smartphone generation, we rely more and more on our phones as our primary camera. Having a high quality camera with you at all times has resulted in us taking much more photos and videos than we used to do. What this also means is that all those photos and videos are taking up more and more storage space on our devices. Sure, storage space is increasing but so are image and video resolutions that require more storage space. The Picture Keeper Connect is a device that is specifically designed to solve this problem of diminishing storage on your devices.

The Picture Keeper Connect is like a USB flash drive that is designed for your smartphone or tablet. Basically, what it does is to allow you to easily backup or transfer image, video and contact files from your phone to the Picture Keeper Connect. Of course there are many ways to backup your media files and free up storage on your phone and cloud storage is probably one of the more popular solutions. However, depending on your connection speed and tech know-how, it could be a slow and complicated process.

The Picture Keeper Connect makes it a simple and hassle free process. Just plug it in, launch the included app and it automates the entire backup process. Once saved on the backup device, you can easily transfer your backups to your computer for safe keeping. Once safely backed up, you can delete the original files from your phone to free up much needed storage space.

To use the Picture Keeper Connect, all you have to do is to either plug it into the Lightning (for iOS devices) or micro USB connector (for Android devices) on your device. The device itself has 2 connectors. The Lightning connector is on the device itself so you can plug it directly to your iPhone or iPad. For Android devices with a micro USB port, you need to use the included adapter cable which connects to the large USB 2.0 connector on the device and has a micro USB connector on the other end. If you have one the newer Android devices with a USB Type C connector, you will need to get an additional adapter as none is included.

The best use for the Picture Keeper Connect is no doubt when you go on vacations abroad and data roaming is expensive. Instead on relying on cloud storage, the Picture Keeper Connect would be an invaluable device to help free up more space for even more picture and video recording. Another use for the device is to transfer files from an old device to a new one.
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