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In the age of cloud storage and lightning fast wireless connections, the storage capacity on our phones should no longer be a problem. Or that is what we are all led to believe. In reality, we still face problems like congested networks, poor network connectivity and expensive data plans with data caps. Device storage capacity is still a concern and the primary reason why many are still willing to pay Apple’s bloated prices for iPhones with more storage instead of the basic 16GB models. If you happen to be stuck with a 16GB iPhone or if you are unwilling to cough up the extra for more storage, the PhotoFast iOS Card Reader is the answer to your storage problems.

Most iPhone users don’t have much problems getting by with just 16GB of storage. That is unless you are the type that don’t use cloud storage services and never clear out your storage memory. For most, the only times you need more storage is usually when you use the phone’s camera for photos and videos extensively. The problem can be exacerbated by expensive roaming charges when traveling abroad. During such times you may not be able to offload stuff to the cloud to free up more space.

The PhotoFast iOS Card Reader functions like a external storage drive for your iPhone. It plugs into the Lightning port on your iPhone and can support microSD storage cards up to 256GB. With that much storage, you can take all the photos and videos that you want without worrying about running out of phone storage. Or bring hours of video and music content along with you at all times. Or create and bring along a full backup of your calendar and contacts with you in case of an emergency.

The card reader works with all iOS devices that uses the Lightning connector. When you plug in the PhotoFast iOS Card Reader for the first time, it will prompt you to download the app from app store. The app is intuitive and performs well. We managed to do the following on our iPhone 6 Plus without consulting any instructions:

  • Navigate external storage folders
  • Backup camera reel pictures selectively from phone to external storage
  • Copy screenshots to external storage
  • Use app to save cached YouTube videos to external storage
  • Use AirPlay to stream transferred videos to a big screen TV

The app interface is very user friendly and intuitive. It is obviously designed to be functional rather than to look good. We also did further testing on an iPhone 5 and an iPad Air 2 and the card reader worked great on both devices.

Overall, the PhotoFast iOS Card Reader is a great device for anyone looking for a simple way to move data around without using the cloud or network clients. It is targeted at those who don’t need a huge storage all the time but only occasionally. If you feel constricted by the limited storage on your iOS device, the PhotoFast iOS Card Reader is a great way to extend the lifespan of your device instead of upgrading to a model with more storage.

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