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This all-in-one portable wireless keyboard from iPazzPort is the latest model from this computer peripherals company. The new iPazzPort Wireless Keyboard has similarities with the earlier model by this one sports one new feature, backlit illumination. Not satisfied with just a simple backlit illumination, iPazzPort has decided to include 3 different LED backlit colors – red, green and blue.

While the choice of 3 different colors is a nice to have but ultimately not really an essential feature, we have to say that adding backlighting to this keyboard makes it a much better product compared to iPazzPort’s previous offering. The portable keyboard series is primarily aimed at home theater systems like HTPCs or TV Android boxes. Proper home theaters usually have a darkened environment and a lighted keyboard makes it ideal for such an environment.

The backlighting on the iPazzPort Wireless Keyboard is not very bright but it is good enough. From our testing, the green light seems to provide the best illumination as it seems brighter. What is not mentioned anywhere is the fact that the 3 LED colors are individually controlled. That means that you can turn on both the red and blue LEDs and get a funky purplish hue or play around with the combinations to get the right shade that you want.  Unfortunately, if you switch the keyboard off, your light settings doesn’t get saved. You can also choose to switch the lights off completely to save on battery.

Size wise, the keyboard is almost as wide as a standard laptop keyboard. However, since the touch pad is located on the right side of the keyboard, the keys are actually smaller than the keys on a laptop keyboard. They are still comfortable to type on and there is quite a lot of travel. It has a dedicated row for numbers plus like most laptop keyboards, the top row has function keys that also double up as multimedia playback buttons.

The iPazzPort Wireless Keyboard communicates wirelessly using RF 2.4 GHz. A small USB dongle is provided that is to be attached to the computer. It supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android. Android support is only for Android devices that come with a USB port such as the Android TV box. Range is about 20 feet with direct line of sight.

The keyboard is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. Charging is via a microUSB port at the back of the keyboard. The battery life is a little shorter compared to the non-lighted model but the lights do power down after a while to save battery.
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