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Start your day with the right mood. When you start your day on the wrong mood, it can dictate the direction of your entire day and set you off in the wrong direction. For this reason, we are always encouraged to start the day on a positive mood. In the same way, the lighting fixtures in your house can help set the mood that will transcend into your home. Create the perfect mood with the Holi Motion Smart Mood Lamp.

The Holi Motion Smart Mood Lamp transforms the interior of your house in just a single click using multicolor effects. It features millions of color combinations resulting in a vibrant and colorful atmosphere in your home. Its patented sync technology turns music into a vibrant light show. It is compatible with iOS 7, Android 4, Deezer, iTunes, and Spotify. You can also set the Holi Mood Lamp to wake you up gently and naturally in the morning with its soothing dawn simulator.

Holi Motion Smart Mood Lamp

Inspired by the Hindu Festival of Colors, the Holi Motion Smart Mood Lamp is powered by 18 individually controlled high powered LEDs that generates 500 lumens of brightness. It produces more light than a 40-watt light bulb but consumes much less energy. The built-in smartphone app lets you create your own music and light effects. You can even turn your picture gallery into a light show projected on your wall.

With the Holi Motion Smart Mood Lamp, you can discover the wonders of light therapy and use it as a source of well being. So go ahead and set the right mood and feel good about yourself.

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