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Docking Drawer Hides your Charging Cables Clutter

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Portable devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart watches are increasingly invading our everyday lives. We can’t seem to live without them. And we have to constantly charge them to keep them working. Have you noticed the clutter and mess of cables they are causing? We have chargers and cables everywhere. In the bedroom, living room, study room and even the kitchen. It is a nightmare for those who dream of well-organized, clutter free spaces. Don’t give up hope yet though. Docking Drawer, an in-drawer electrical outlet solution is here to help those who want a home that rivals a home decor catalog.

Docking Drawer takes a simple idea and makes it work beautifully. In a nutshell, it lets you add electrical outlets to sliding drawers. It is an elegant solution for hiding all that clutter. It simply transfers all the messy clutter of devices, cables and chargers from the table top to inside a drawer.

Docking Drawer has various designs and solutions depending on your electrical powering needs and the design of the drawers. The charging outlet range of products are for charging low powered devices like phones and tablets. In fact they even come with safety circuit breakers that prevent the use of high power devices. However, Docking Drawer also has a powering outlet range that is designed for high power devices like hair dryers to be used in the bathroom for example. Depending on the shape and height of the drawer, Docking Drawer has different products to best suit your needs.

It must be noted that the Docking Drawer products may not be something that you can simply add to your existing cabinets. The drawer has to be designed to accommodate the arm mechanism behind. In addition, you will need to plug it into an outlet hidden behind the cabinet. It can be a DIY project if you are handy with woodworking. Instructions are available online from Docking Drawer.
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Docking Drawer in-drawer electrical outlets hide the clutter and improve the functionality of any space with hidden charging and powering outlets.

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