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We bet it has never crossed your mind to wear the same jacket you just wore to your office boardroom meeting to the gym. How about wearing that same jacket to your favorite coffee joint or on a hike up a mountain or on a night out with friends? Sounds ridiculous? Not if you own the Gastown Jacket, possibly the most versatile jacket that you will ever own.

Strongbody Apparel, the folks behind the Gastown Jacket, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to make this awesome jacket a reality. It is a high quality performance jacket that is designed to meet the demands of those who lead an active lifestyle. At the same time, its classic styling let it fit in more formal settings like your office. It is the ideal jacket for both work and play.

The Gastown Jacket is made up of 3 layers. The innermost layer is a mesh layer that keeps you comfortable and prevents the jacket from sticking to your skin. The middle layer is a waterproof layer that keeps you dry even in the rain. It also protects you from strong winds. The outermost layer is a soft polyester blend that looks really great. The sleeves on the other hand foregoes the 3 layer construction to provide you with more freedom of movement. Instead they are finished with a water resistant film that makes water just roll right off them. Despite the jacket’s 3 layer construction, it is incredibly light and takes up minimal space when packed away.

All seams are sown together using a technique known as flatlock stitching. Why is this important to you? It means no chafing which is always a huge plus point in a performance jacket. The jacket’s collar and cuffs are crafted from neoprene that are extra soft and comfortable. To finish it off, there are two front zipper pockets.

Head on over to the Kickstarter page and pledge your support if you want to be among the first to own the Gastown Jacket.
Buy from Kickstarter