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There is no denying the power of a well made presentation to close a business deal. Potential customers are more likely to buy into what you have to sell with a powerful visual aid. Presentations require a projector plus a whole lot of other bulky equipment. Plus you have to set everything up – plug in the cables, connect to a power source, wait while the projector and computer boots up. With the Pyle Smart Pocket Projector, you have everything that you need in the palm of your hand and a presentation can be set up in just seconds.

The Pyle Smart Pocket Projector is more compact than the standard models found in the market. It is only 5.8” x 8.5” and weighs only 1.8 pounds. But don’t let its size fool you. This mini projector can do it all. It can adjust and project images to as wide as 120 inches. It’s like having your own movie theater in the home or office. It is packed with a lot of multimedia and projection features.

However, the feature that makes the Pyle Smart Pocket Projector truly stand out from all other projectors out there and the reason it has the “smart” moniker in its name is that it comes with a built-in computer running on Android. While you can use the Pyle Smart Pocket Projector to project images from a laptop, DVD player or gaming console just like any projector, it can independently work on its own without connecting it to anything else. It functions just like any Android mobile device except that it projects its display on a wall instead of having a touch screen.

Pyle Smart Pocket Projector

The Pyle Smart Pocket Projector comes with Bluetooth connectivity so you can hook it up to a Bluetooth mouse and/or keyboard for controlling the computer but it also comes with its own wireless air-mouse controller. Connect to the internet with the built-in WiFi and you can project directly from streaming video apps like YouTube and Netflix. Or play your favorite mobile games on a huge screen using a Bluetooth controller.

With the right apps installed, it can read and project just about any presentation file project like MS PowerPoint or Google Slides. You can create your presentation using a computer or tablet and save it in the cloud and have the Pyle Smart Pocket Projector download it directly. How is that for convenience?

It also can project presentation files stored on a USB thumb drive, memory card, or accept video input via its HDMI mini-port. With the Pyle Smart Pocket Projector, the possibilities are endless.
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