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Koolernaut Chills and Keeps Your Beer at the Perfect Temperature

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We have said this before and we’ll say this again – Warm beer sucks! What do you do when you run out of cold beer? The usual solutions to this age-old problem are to run down to the closest store to grab a few or stuff a few cans in the refrigerator and wait it out. Both are lousy solutions when you need a cool beer and you need it now. If you find yourself in this situation all the time, the Koolernaut is here to save your day.

The Koolernaut comes in two separate components. The first is a digital beer insulator. The insulator is like a Koozie but it has a built-in thermometer that is activated when you insert in a beer can. What the thermometer does is tell you the temperature of your beer. If you thought that the colder the beer, the better it is, you have a lot to learn. Beer connoisseurs will tell you that the ideal beer temperature depends on the type of beer. To help you out, a chart of the ideal temperatures for various types of beer are printed out on the Koolernaut insulator.

The second part of the Koolernaut is the Koolernaut ice puck. This is what chills your warm beer to the idea temperature according to the beer temperature guide. Just pop the ice puck into the freezer and when you have a warm beer emergency, just pop it into the bottom of the Koolernaut insulator and it will quickly chill down your can of beer. The ice puck will cool your warm beer to the perfect temperature within minutes.

Get your very own Koolernaut Digital Beer Insulator and Chiller and help rid the world of warm beer forever.


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With the Koolernaut Digital Beer Insulator and Chiller, you never ever have to suffer another can of warm beer again.

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