The new Lumen Tree Shadow Lamp is an updated LED illuminated version of the original Lumen Oil Candle Shadow Projectors by Brooklyn-based artist Adam Frank. The shadow lamp projects the shadow from a tiny, stainless steel tree. The lamp is simple and a great conversation piece for any home or room.

The new updated version features an LED light that replaces the liquid wax fuel cells of the original version. The LED lamp simulates the flickering of an actual flame creating the illusion of a tree swaying in the wind.

Not only is the LED version safer, it is long-lasting and will last up to 6 months with daily use on a single set of batteries. The LED version is also brighter and thus able to cast a bigger shadow over a longer distance. The Lumen lamp also has a timer with 4, 6 or 8 hour options.



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Lumen Tree Shadow Lamp

Lumen Tree Shadow Lamp, battery-powered flameless candle casts an enchanting shadow from a tiny, stainless steel pine tree.

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