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Wearing swimming earplugs is a successful way to eliminate the risks associated with contracting swimmer’s ear. However, many people still do not wear them due to inferior quality products. Hong Kong based brand ‘innelo’ set out to change this through the release of their brand new product – the Subplug – available now on Kickstarter.

The Subplug is reported as a revolutionary swimming earplug that is unrivaled by other plugs on the market. It is made up of four key components that each provide unique characteristics to the overall design of the final product. Moreover, all four of these components were designed to maximize comfort when the plug is inserted in your ear.

As a result of innelo’s extensive research analyzing different sized ear canals among different sorts of individuals, the structure design for their custom frame was developed. A game changing ePTFE mesh was then added to the frame which provides the Subplug with its most impressive function. The mesh allows sound waves to enter the ear while keeping water out – this means that if you want to hear something when you’re not underwater, you don’t have to remove your earplugs which would otherwise block sound out completely. The custom ear inserts and securing hooks were also designed according to their research and should fit any ear shape or size.

What this all means is that this is a pair of swimming earplugs unlike any other. Not only are they designed for extreme comfort but also provide a hearing function. With these two benefits, users almost forget that they’re even wearing swimming earplugs at all. Moreover, these plugs are offered at a very affordable price. So, for any of you that enjoy spending quality time in the water, have a look at the Subplug on Kickstarter and keep your ears safe without having to deal with poor quality plugs.

This post has been sponsored by innelo.
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