If you are an owner of an expensive bike, you probably wished that bike thieves are treated like horse thieves in the wild west – punishable with death by hanging. Unfortunately for you and fortunately for modern bike thieves, we live an a civilized world and the best thing that you can do is give your bike the best protection possible like the Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 foldable lock.

The Bordo Granit X-Plus design is rather unique. It has foldable “chains” made from 6 linked bars forming a chain of sorts. This unique design gives the Bordo Granit X-Plus more flexibility compared to a normal U-lock but yet it is much tougher than a normal chain or cable lock. The lock easily wraps around most bike racks and it even lets you lock the bike wheel to the frame. While flexible, it doesn’t spring back like a cable lock which makes looping around frames and racks a less tricky maneuver with the Bordo.

The Bordo Granit X-Plus is rated by Abus as providing the maximum protection in their range of bike locks. As a result, it is more heavy duty and weighs a rather hefty 3.5 lbs. However, the links can be folded neatly into a compact package that takes up less space than a normal U-lock or chain lock. It comes with a special case that lets you strap the lock to your bike frame.



Where to Buy Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 foldable lock


Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 foldable lock

The premium Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 is the highlight of the Abus’ bike lock series. When it comes to security, this lock sets a new standard.

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